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Taking a Winter Vacation?


Are you planning a vacation this winter, or just going to Grandma’s for the holidays?  Don’t forget to PLAN first!  Winter brings a whole different set of challenges when traveling.  Whether you are traveling by air or car there will be many “inconveniences” along the way.  Among them are flight delays, missed connections and cancellations, full flights and overstuffed overhead compartments.

Road travelers face road closures, traffic accidents, road hazards like ice and snow.  That’s where a little planning will smooth out some of the bumps of winter travel.  If you are flying, book early.  I can’t say that loud enough or often enough, book early!  Try to avoid the “crunch” days before the holiday, if possible.  By doing this you are less stressed if you do get “bumped”, “cancelled”, or “delayed” (you also fight smaller crowds)  Carry a minimum number of bags which will save time in security lines and baggage charges.  Ship your gifts ahead of your trip and your baggage also, if you can’t “travel light”.

If your trip involves driving, leave early enough to avoid delays due to weather or other traffic problems.  The Winter season is considered to be the most dangerous season to travel by car.  Make sure to have your car checked, “bumper-to-bumper” and it is in “peak” condition for a trip.  Plan a couple of different routes in case your trip is interrupted by weather.  Check the weather at your destination also, to help you pack the right gear. 

You should always carry a safety kit in your car which would include items like first aid kit, car charger, tow rope, ice scraper, jumper cables, blankets, matches, flashlight, candles, sand (to help with traction) and FOOD!  When I was growing up a local TV weather man used to say “always put a jar of peanut butter in your trunk in November and leave it there until April” 

Here is a video that contains a great idea.  Build a “Winter Box” for your car.



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