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Hi, my name is Gene. My wife, Jackie, and I live in Texas and love to travel. Traveling is not what it used to be, mostly because of 9/11, but it still lures us in. Since the actual “transportation” portion of a trip is more challenging than ever it is important to carefully plan your adventures.

If you find this site valuable and have used the information and links, I would love to post your testimonial here.  Here is a video testimonial from England!  Be sure to hit the back button after the video to continue “browsing” this site.

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I started this site to share with you our travel experiences and to provide tips we have learned to make your travel more exciting, keep you from some of the “pitfalls” we have encountered when traveling, and share with you some of the websites I have found very helpful to make your travel plan…Carefree! We have learned a lot about traveling and want to share it with you. I hope you find it informative and profitable when it is time for your “great adventure”!

Plan carefully and your travels will be carefree!

 John 3:16 
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