The next time you fly, ask three different people what they paid for their tickets.  Chances are you will get three different prices.  Finding the lowest price for your airline travel can be a daunting experience.
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Before you buy an airline ticket check out this site.  Seat Guru helps you plan where you want to sit, as well as helpful information about the type of aircraft you will be flying, boarding procedures (different on some airlines), TSA info, and other helpful tips:

Items to take with you on the plane

  • A roll of tape, in case your luggage is damaged in flight and the lock is broken when you pick it up at baggage claim.
  • Chapstick and hand lotion, as the aircraft cabin is quite dry.
  • An empty water bottle. You can fill it with the drink the attendant gives you and cap it when you finish then it wont spill on your fellow traveler (or you).

With 14 Million Unpublished Airfares, you can’t go wrong with! offers up to 70% off published airfares on major airlines world-wide as well as discounted hotel stays. With’s low prices and millions of unpublished fares, this is the place to go when you are looking for the best deal on airfare.

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 Once you have purchased your airline ticket, you are ready to face the airport!  When you pass by those “exclusive” airline lounges, don’t you wish you were a member so you could wait for your flight in comfort?   Do what I do, make sure you have a Priority Pass which is accepted at all major airports and most airlines.  To join just click on the Priority Pass   banner below.

Now you’re ready to sit back and wait for the “Great Launch Day” of your trip!  Right?  Not so fast, what if:

  • Your passport doesn’t arrive by flight day?
  • The pilots or attendants go on strike?
  • Someone in your travel party gets sick?
  • The area where you are going is suddenly ravaged by weather?
  • There is suddenly political unrest and it is unsafe to travel?
  • The airline changes or cancels a flight?  This can happen.

Anything under the sun can cause your dream trip to go up in smoke possibly leaving you with vacation bills but no memories!  What then?  I always recommend a travel insurance policy because it’s reasonably priced, offers  “peace of mind”, and will reimburse you if any of the above happens to you.  Click this banner to find out how reasonable it is to cover your trip, then “sit back and wait for the Great Launch Day of your trip!

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