Right by the beach: great places to stay on the world’s loveliest islands

This is the time of the year my thoughts drift southward to the “islands”.  When I say “islands” I am referring to the Caribbean, but the “island dream” reaches much farther than that.  Let’s just say, “Tropical”.  From now through May of next year the tropical world opens up with splendor and beauty.  The weather is warm, but not hot, and the local people are ready for us!

Don’t waste precious travel time dragging your flip-flopped feet to the beach. We’ve rounded up ten places to stay on some of the world’s most beautiful islands – and they’re all a stone’s throw from the beach. Best of all, you don’t need to sell your granny to enjoy an island getaway, we’ve picked everything from luxe resorts to apartments to hostebeachhotels1_csls, ensuring a beachside break for every budget.

The following article come to us from Lonely Planet and you can read it all , right here!

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