Car Rental Tips/Suggestions

  • Rent on Saturdays, this is the day when many cars booked for the weekend are not picked up,so the lot may have a surplus.
  • Car rental companies are learning from the airlines the business of “yield management”and their prices go up and down throughout the day.  You can book online, but call later to see if you can get a lower rate.
  • Take pictures of the car before you drive it off the lot. 
  • Check your auto insurance to see if you have coverage while driving a rental before you “accept” or “decline” the coverage options.
  • Always choose the option to “re-fuel” the car before you return it.  Chances are you can purchase the fuel cheaper than the rental car company will charge to refuel it for you.  Airport gas stations usually have the highest prices, so buy before you reach the airport  Try

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  1. Jerry Corbet says:

    Here are some great reasons why you should rent a car when you go on your next holiday.

  2. Jerry Corbet says:

    After a long and tiring journey, you are likely to be anxious to arrive at the car rental desk, check out the vehicle and be on your way as quickly as possible. This shouldn’t prevent you, however, from taking the care to understand exactly what is being offered by way of the vital insurance cover on the car. Car rental excess insurance, for example, could well be something worth arranging in advance – from the comfort of your home, rather than frazzled and travel-weary at the rental company’s check-in desk.

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