Common Mistakes When Packing for a Trip

OK, you’ve planned for a year for this trip.  You have the reservations, the tickets, the cash, and now only one thing left to do.  PACK!  If you are now careful, you will add misery to your trip by not packing properly.  I have several tips on packing on this website, but I ran across this article on what NOT to pack and I thought you might learn something from it, I did.


Common Mistakes When Packing for a Trip

Stress-free ways to slim down your suitcase

Frommers: What Not to Pack for a Vacation, less is more

Use these tips to avoid over packing and streamline your luggage bulk. — Photo by Mark Weiss/Getty Images

1. Items Prohibited by the TSA
If you’re flying, check with the Transportation Security Administration to see whether anything you plan to pack is prohibited. The TSA website has clear guidance about what’s allowed and what’s not: in carry-ons, checked luggage or both. When in doubt about an item, leave it at home.

2. Regular-Sized Toiletries

Full-sized bottles of shampoo and lotion are heavy, take up precious space and, because of TSA 3-1-1 guidelines, make carry-on flying impossible. Create a toiletries kit with trial-sized drugstore sundries (toothpaste, deodorant and the like) and plastic bottles or jars filled with favorite products. A trip is also a great opportunity to finish off those almost-empty tubes of toothpaste and cosmetic samples. If you frequently visit a friend or relative, ask to keep a stash of your favorite products at his or her house.

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