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Try  Virtual Tourist   (Click on “read more” to get the link.) if you are looking for information about a particular hotel, country, whatever.  You can ask questions and people who follow here will provide  answers.  Like, “what ares of town do I want to avoid?”  Learn from the experiences of others.


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About Gene Hess

Hi, My name is Gene. I started this site to share with you my travel experiences and to provide tips I have learned to make your travel more exciting, keep you from some of the "pitfalls" I have encountered when traveling, and share with you some of the websites I have found very helpful to make your travels...Carefree! I have walked on the Great Wall of China, been on safari in South Africa, walked the sands of North Africa, and floated leisurely down the canals of Venice. I have learned a lot about traveling and I want to share it with you. I hope you find it informative and profitable when it is time for your "great adventure"!
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