With the airlines now charging for everything, (click here to review the latest fees) you might want to look into “shipping” your bags to your destination, rather than paying outrageous fees for checking them on the airline.  You reduce the risk of your bags getting “lost” or “mis-routed” as well.  FedEx and UPS will ship your bags to your destination for a more reasonable fee and  guarantee safe arrival.  Most hotels offer the service of accepting your bags and holding them for your arrival, be sure to ask them if they charge a fee for this service.  Too many fees will lessen the advantage of doing it this way.

Another way to avoid baggage fees is the “credit card” you carry.  Some credit cards, especially “affinity” credit cards, the ones sponsored by the airlines, will offer free baggage check-in.  Check it out at below:

If you still want to check your bags, here are some suggestions I always use:

  • Put a copy of your Itinerary in each bag
  • Use “duct tape” to put your initials on your bag or a design (all bags are black, make yours stand out)
  • Take a photo of your bag, it will make it easier to fill out the description portion of the claim form.  Even better, print out the picture before you leave home and attach it to your claim form. 

Even with the precautions above, bags can be “mis-placed”.  I always look into a low-cost insurance policy if I am taking an extended trip or have to pack valuables in a checked bag.  Worth the money!  Click the banner to find out how reasonable it can be.


If it’s time to “upgrade” your luggage, visit ebags here:

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