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Try to avoid changing your home currency into local currency at the airport.  Each “currency exchange” location sets their own fee for their service.  Some can be outrageous!  I always try to use a local bank.  If you use your own bank to exchange, say, $300 prior to taking your trip you will have local currency for a taxi, tips, and a snack before the local “foreign” bank opens.  Try to pay with a credit card before using cash as the rate is usually better.

Here is a tip sent to me by my cousin:

A tip I discovered this April during a trip to Cancun that you might suggest in your tips section is to look at the exchange rates list by the hotel and the actual day to day exchange rates on the market. At the hotel, we could pay in dollars using their posted exchange rate or pay in pesos using the exchange rate obtained by our credit card. We saved about $50 dollars on a $1200 total bill even after foreign transaction fees. Since then we got a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees.



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