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You must have a passport if you travel outside the boundaries of the United States (even Canada and Mexico!)   It’s a good idea to apply several months in advance if you are applying for your first passport as it may take longer than you think.  You don’t want to be waiting for your passport to arrive in the mail on the first day of travel!  Here are a few  handy links to start you on your way:

Apply for a NEW passport:  Click here

Renew a passport:  Click here

Visa Information:  Click here

If you already have a passport check two things:

(1)  Make sure your passport expires at least six months AFTER you return from your trip!

(2) Have at least two blank pages in your passport.  If you don’t, you can order additional pages from a passport office.

Remember, even your children must have their own passport.

Having a passport is only the beginning.  Many countries require you to have a visa, which, attached to your passport, allows you to enter a specific country during a given period of time for a certain purpose.  Visa rules and how to obtain them can differ between countries, so do your homework well in advance of your travels..

Another good idea before traveling abroad is to check the stability of the surrounding area.  The State Department maintains a website to inform you with regard to a particular area you are planning  to visit:

For passport related travel supplies, Visit Magellan’s by clicking here.

OK, so you followed my advice and applied for your passport, scheduled and paid for your airline tickets, made a deposit on the hotel and the passport hasn’t arrived the day before you travel!  PANIC? Not if you also purchased a travel insurance policy.  This step is as necessary as buying airline tickets.  It’s cheaper than you think and the peace of mind is incredible!  Check it out by clicking on the banner

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