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Whether it is a trip to Vegas, travel to Hawaii, or international travel, this step is becoming more important each year.  In the past, you planned your trip and when the date arrived, you took your trip, period.  That is no longer a wise strategy.  So many things can change between “planning” your trip and actually “taking” your trip.  Illness, family emergencies, social unrest, airline strikes, lost luggage, someone steals your passport or wallet, weather, you name it and it can cost you money! 

Even if you actually take the trip, you should consider medical insurance to cover you while you travel.  International travel is especially a case for insurance.  Who takes care of you overseas, how do you get home, etc.?  I’ve heard it said, “if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.”  Shopping around for travel insurance is an important step, consider what is required to make a claim, evidence of ownership, a police report.  Photograph anything you consider valuable including items purchased on your trip.  Include dates purchased and value.  Check your existing policies to see if they will cover loss on a trip.  (It goes without saying that you check the policy expiration dates before traveling!)

I highly recommend purchasing trip insurance.  In selecting an insurance provider look for a nationally recognized leader in the industry.  I have used the below listed company, Travel Guard, and recommend them for their professionalism and integrity.  Just click on the ad to be taken to their site and travel “carefree”.

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